FDA Compliant Solutions for Bread Slicer Infeed Conveyors

10 Jan

intralox bakery infeed conveyor solutions

The FDA compliant Intralox Series 900 Large Roller belt for bread slicer infeed conveyors is proven to decrease product damage and maintenance while improving worker safety.

Key Benefits and Features

Reduced Maintenance

  • Repairs are quicker and easier than those of “magic carpet” belts, allowing plant personnel to focus on other areas of the plant.

Improved Product Quality

  • Roller Top belt surface eliminates back pressure and produces an even product flow, reducing product damage.

Improved Performance

  • S900 rollers are FDA-compliant and do not bend or get stuck, eliminating “dead
  • zones” on the belt.


Lower Noise Level

infeed conveyor solutions

  • Plastic components’ low friction
  • provides quieter operation than metal belts.

Longer Belt Life

  • Belt life is double that of “magic carpet” roller belts.

Improved worker safety

  • Elimination of pinch points.

fda compliant infeed conveyor solutions





Contact your CBT specialist today to learn how Intralox’ innovative technology could reduce downtime and maintenance while increasing safety in your facility.

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