INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 OSHA Citations of 2017

8 Nov

OSHA CITATIONS 2017The top OSHA Citations of 2017 were released in October.  Although the list is fairly similar to fiscal year 2016, it proves that businesses are still struggling with the same training and protection issues.

“One thing I’ve said in the past on this is, the list doesn’t change too much from year to year.. These things are readily fixable. I encourage folks to use this list and look at your own workplace,” OSHA’s Deputy Director Patrick Kapust told Safety and Health Magazine.

When creating and implementing safety strategies for your facility, use this list as a starting point. Ensure that you are addressing all of these issues and that your employees will be able to work efficiently in a safe environment. CBT has a wide range of safety resources and products to help you take a proactive approach to workplace safety.