SpillFix – The New Standard in Granular Absorbents

13 Sep


Spillfix industrial organic absorbent  will clean up just about any spill while saving you time and money.

Spillfix Rapidly Absorbs:

  • All automotive fluids
  • Fuels & lubricants
  • Cooking oils & grease
  • Detergent & softeners
  • Milk & soda
  • Juices & syrups
  • Sauces & salad dressing
  • Blood & bodily fluids
  • Paint, chemicals & resins







Non-Carcinogenic X
Dust Free X X
Safe for all spills X X
OMRI Organic Use Listing X X
Biodegradable X X
Non-Abrasive X X
Absorbs paint X
Absorbs on contact X
Approved for non-hazardous landfill X X
Safety Award winning product X X
Pet and child safe X X
Re-usable on multiple spills X X
NSF Listing – Certified safe around food X X
Preference for oil over water X X
Suitable for all domestic use X X
Cartonized shelf-stockable packaging X X
Resealable dispensing container X X
Environmentally responsible life-cycle X X
Small carbon footprint X X
Lightweight robust packaging X X
Can be used to clean hands and tools X X
100% Customer Approval X X

Spills happen and your granular absorbent should take care of them all. For more information contact your CBT specialist today.