Supplier Spotlight: Rockwell Automation Safety Solutions

6 Sep


The safety and productivity of people, machines, and process is a key element of any sustainable business. CBT partner Rockwell Automation has recently released two state-of-the-art safety products to help keep your facility and employees protected.

Lifeline 5 Cable-Pull Switches

The new patented Lifeline 5 is a microprocessor-based solution that brings advanced features and diagnostics that help enhance safety while improving productivity. The lifeline 5 offers features and functions that simplify setup and allow for more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting, making it the most advanced switch on the market today.

450 L-B Safety Light Curtain

The 450L-B safety light curtain system is unlike tradition light curtains which are based on separate transmitter and receiver units. This next generation light curtain system features a patented technology which allows each transceiver to be used as a transmitter or receiver via an innovative plug-in module. The advanced technology greatly reduces stock and provides a flexible, cost-effective safety solution.

Don’t skimp when it comes to safety. Rockwell Automation safety solutions will keep your facility and your employees protected. Contact your CBT specialist today to learn more.