Supplier Spotlight: Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon

2 Aug

gates poly chain gt carbon

CBT partner, Gates Corporation, has recently released their Poly Chain GT Carbon. The revolutionary technology behind the belt eliminates downtime while increasing production and profits.

  • Less maintenance hours
  • No stretch, retensioning, or lubrication
  • Longer lasting belts
  • No metal-on-metal wear
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Less motor fatigue
  • Easy installation
  • Smooth operation
  • No chordal action
  • 98%+ efficiency over v-belt drives
  • Food and beverage clean
  • Grease and rust free
  • Stainless steel sprockets and bushings

Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon Extended Length

Poly Chain drive solutions now handle longer center distances than ever before.

  • Pitch: 14mm & 19mm
  • Minimum Length: 4480 mm
  • Maximum Length: 10,000 mm – 20,000 mm
  • Minimum Width: 37 mm
  • Maximum Width: 300 mm

poly chain savings

19M Poly Chain GT Carbon

Welcome to the BIG TIME

  • Now in 19mm pitch to replace even bigger roller chain, open gears, and wide V-belt drive systems
  • 20 pounds per foot lighter, yet
    • Strong enough for the job,
    • Equal in performance,
    • Superior life in adverse conditions.

Poly Chain Carbon VOLT

Antistatic Excellence – Start to finishpoly chain carbon volt

  • Poly Chain Carbon Volt belts maintain static conductivity to ISO 9563 levels many times longer than the competition. No other rubber or polyurethane belt can match it.
Remember, when belt drive systems are located in potentially hazardous environments, a secondary means of dissipation such as static grounding brushes is recommended.

Poly Chain ADV

The strongest belt in the industry

poly chain replacement


At 15% stronger, Poly Chain ADV is the answer for challenging applications with limited space requirements.




Gates is featured as CBT Supplier Spotlight for the month of August. For more information on the Poly Chain GT Carbon or upgrading the belt drives in your facility, contact us today!