VIDEO: How to Choose the Right Cooling Solution

12 Jul

There are many factors to consider when choosing the optimal A/C system for your industrial equipment. James Swanson, Global Product Training Manager from Hoffman Pentair gives insight to the types of cooling solution and how to determine which one is right for you:


  • Will always have the temperature above the ambient temperature (ideal temperature for optimal equipment functionality)
  • Outside air is brought into the enclosure


  • Maintains the integrity of the air inside the enclosure
  • Recycling the air inside the enclosure

Conductive Cooling

  • This system takes┬áthe enclosure and over-sizes it to make the skin of the cabinet become the heat exchanger
  • This only works in situations where you can allow the temperature inside the cabinet to be warmer than the temperature outside.

Consequences of choosing the wrong type of A/C system:

  • Derated drive performance
  • Loss of warranty on the equipment inside your cabinet
  • Catastrophic line failures

Ready to protect your equipment from the heat this summer? Contact your CBT specialist today to determine which cooling system would be ideal for your application.