LifeCycle Management Services

24 May


We know it is critical for you to maximize your investment in your automation system. Discovering and managing product lifecycle is important when optimizing performance, increasing efficiency, and in turn reducing downtime. New products are constantly being released into the industry and staying current with product lifecycle is a task in and of itself. CBT partner, Rockwell Automation, has developed their Product Lifecycle Status tool to assist you in this endeavor.


CBT has several LifeCycle Services to assist you with identifying your risks and developing a seamless and effective plan to keep operations running while you move to the latest technology.

Rockwell Automation LifeCycle Agreementlifecycle-management

Managing the lifecycle of your automation equipment can be a daunting task. The rapid advancements in new technologies have made this task, even more challenging over the past few years. CBT and Rockwell Automation LifeCycle Extension & Modernizations can help you identify, mitigate, and eliminate these lifecycle challenges.


  • Minimize downtime with guaranteed, comprehensive support of your discontinued or obsolete products
  • Buy added time for modernization planning and budgeting
  • Support your facility without increasing assets – no added carrying costs


  • Bridges knowledge gaps associated with discontinued products
  • Includes modernization planning
  • Scalable and flexible to include additional services for the entire plant

LifeCycle Installed Base Evaluation

CBT provides the knowledge needed to help you make informed decisions regarding the support and obsolescence management of your installed base assets. CBT will ensure you will have all you need to identify your facility’s risks and plan a safe and suitable path for the future including inventory analysis, environment conditions, and component lifecycle classifications.

LifeCycle Modernization

  • Summary by plant
  • Risk by line, machine
  • Risk by catalog number
  • Documentation by Asset Panel

Inventory Gap Report

  • Sufficient spare analysis
  • Recommendation of levels based on MTBF and plant operating hours
  • Detailed report including active, excess, and inactive spares


  • Detailed reports by plant, area, department, line, machine, panel, and catalog number
  • Environmental condition reporting

Developing a LIfecycle Management Strategy is imperative for optimizing your facility and reducing downtime. To work with a CBT specialist and develop your customized solution, contact us today!