Supplier Spotlight: Hoffman Eriflex

5 Apr


Hoffman is featured at CBT Supplier Spotlight for the month of April. The new Eriflex product line is optimizing electrical power and grounding connections.


  • ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR is a heavy-duty power interconnection that offers a superior eriflex flexibaralternative to large and multiple cables, and rigid busbars.
  • Flat, flexible low-voltage power and grounding connections are formed with multiple layers of thin electrolytic copper and insulated with high-resistance, self-extinguishing PVC or silicone compound.
  • With no need for lugs, ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR helps eliminate faulty connection problems and makes installation simpler, faster and cleaner.


  • The ideal alternative to cable, all ERIFLEX braids are easy to install, with no additional cutting, stripping, crimping and punching needed.
  • Insulated braided conductors provide excellent electrical contact and are suitable for all molded case circuit breakers worldwide.
  • Ground copper braids with integral palm offer superior electrical contact and tensile strength resistance.
  • High-quality 316L stainless steel braids offer superior abrasion, corrosion, chemical and UV resistance for outdoor applications.Eriflex braids


  • ERIFLEX offers an extensive range of power blocks and distribution blocks for safe and easy connections.
  • Single-pole distribution block designs allow visual inspection of conductor and confirmation of connection.
  • The SBLT and SBTT range of power terminals provide high-quality, reliable connections between two electrical circuits, such as cables and/or ERIFLEX eriflex blocksFLEXIBAR in the panel.
  • Four-pole distribution blocks feature an improved design, with solid bars for greater reliability.
  • ERIFLEX offers a wide selection¬†of compact halogen free single pole, two pole, and four pole distribution blocks and a complete range of assembly support products for easy fastening to DIN rails or steel sheet. The blocks offer easy assembly with visual inspection to allow for confirmation of connection to a wide range of conductors including ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR and IBSB/ISBR. The high fill ratio ensures optimal electrical connectivity even in tight assemblies.
  • ERICO Power Blocks are the main DIN mounted output/input devices for connection between primary and secondary switchboard, or main input/output connection for machine or industrial equipment. The high short circuit rated large cross section blocks offer time savings and reliability in every panel configuration. The complete Power Blocks range offers multiple connection possibilities with one cable, two cables, ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR, and IBSB/IBSBR power braids.


  • Eriflex offers a wide range of accessories to help optimize panel design and ease installation of components.
  • Low-voltage insulators offer great stability of electrical and mechanical parameters and very high resistance to leakage current.
  • Clamps allow excellent electrical contact and quick configuration, even in small spaces; ideal for “on site” modifications.
  • Eriflex Flexibar Bursar Hydraulic Work Center includes all the necessary tools to quickly cut, bend and punch Eriflex Flexibar sections to suit individual applications.
  • Eriflex Flexibar Manual Work Center includes easy-to-use hand tools to shear, bend, twist, and fold Eriflex Flexibar sections to suit individual applications.

For more information on Hoffman, Eriflex products, and how they can benefit your application contact your CBT specialist today!