NEW RA PowerFlex 755 AC Drives

10 Jan


The new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T products expand the proven portfolio of the PowerFlex 753 and 755 AC drives. These powerful new additions offer precise motor control along with solutions for regeneration, low harmonics, and flexible drive system configurations. The 755T AC Drives provide ease of use, application flexibility, and high performance. They include multiple control and hardware options, as well as optional embedded safety features. These drives are well-suited for a wide variety of motor control applications including pumps, fans, and conveyors.

Designed and built using a modular approach, the PowerFlex 755T products allow you to select the ratings and capabilities your application needs. The modular construction also offers the added advantage of fast and easy parts replacement and simplified management of a common set of spares.

Powerflex 755TL Drive

PowerFlex 755TL-Provides low AC input harmonics and power factor correction through the use of active front end technology.

PowerFlex 755TR DrivePowerFlex 755TR

-Provides an energy efficient solution that uses regenerative active front end technology to deliver energy back to the incoming supply. This drive also provides low AC input harmonics and power factor correction.

PowerFlex 755TM Drive SystemPowerFlex 755TM

-Select from a series of pre-designed configurations for regenerative common bus supplies and common bus inverters to optimize your system design and power consumption.

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