Industrial Repair Services

21 Dec

Reductions in maintenance staff and spare parts inventory often lead to longer downtime and lost revenue when your assets malfunction or fail. To minimize downtime and keep production lines running, you need a reliable service partner that you can trust to provide quality repairs when you need them. CBT and partner Rockwell Automation offer high-quality repair services dedicated to fixing your industrial equipment problems with a seven-step remanufacturing process.

industrial repair services

The three levels of Remanufacturing and Exchange Services:

Economy Service- Your failed or malfunctioning product is sent through our seven-step process and returned to you via the normal shipping. This service includes a 12-month warranty on the entire unit.

Standard Service– After your failed core is received at one of our depots, an exchange unit is shipped from the hub. If no exchange unit is available, your unit will be placed in front of our production schedule, this service includes an 18-month warranty on the entire unit.

Priority Service– Obtain next day, morning delivery (or faster, where applicable), from over 50,000 remanufactured Allen-Bradley catalog items inventoried at our global parts hubs. Return shipping costs are waived if the failed, non-warranty unit is returned within 15 days. Emergency 24x7x365 service is also available. This service includes a 24-month warranty on entire unit.

Our remanufacturing services provide:

  • Ten global ISO certified reman facilities
  • Original manufacturing process used to restore equipment to like-new condition
  • A 12, 18, or 24 month comprehensive warranty depending on service level

All remanufactured equipment also includes:

  • Installation of applicable updates/enhancements
  • Replacement of failed/aged components
  • Parametric testing
  • Cleaning and cosmetic restoration

It isn’t always necessary to replace your aging or malfunctioning equipment. CBT and Rockwell Automation are here to assist you when deciding between replacing and repairing. We have a team of highly-skilled product specialists available to access your needs and provide insight, recommendations, and top-of-the-line products and services to get your business up and running again. For more information contact your CBT Client Services specialist today.