When to Hire the Professionals

21 Nov


Some jobs can be handled quickly and easily by on-site maintenance technicians, others require professionals to ensure the job is completed in an accurate, timely manner. When those instances arise, think CBT. We have the capabilities to handle all your maintenance, upgrade, and support needs.

Preventive Maintenance • Technology Migrations/Conversions • Emergency Service • Embedded Engineering

CBT and Rockwell Automation will work together to help keep your systems running by combining remote support, replacement parts, and on-site service into one comprehensive agreement. Minimize equipment downtime, eliminate unplanned repair expenses, ease staffing burdens and lower the total lifecycle cost of your assets.


You make only one call to initiate technical assistance and, if needed, we initiate the shipment of parts or dispatch a service professional. No need to cut a new PO for every service call or par and no additional calls to make.


You choose the service response times that best fit your plant’s needs. It’s your choice how fast the guaranteed arrival for replacement parts, the arrival of service professionals or the response of remote support happens.

Worry Free

We can help you avoid unplanned costs and reduce downtime. Achieve greater peace of mind knowing you are prepared to respond when things go wrong.


CBT consistently strives to be your best business partner, and what that means for us is that we will go above and beyond to keep your business running at the highest standards. We have partnered with Rockwell Automation to bring you high-quality customer service, and have implemented our own service program as well. CBT has a 24/7 emergency phone line that will put you through to one of our industry-leading experts any time you should need them. We are staffed with the best-of-the-best when it comes to all aspects of manufacturing, and we want to share their knowledge and support with you.

CBT will work directly with your business to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure your company is functioning at its highest efficiency reducing downtime and costs.

If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you develop a customized preventive maintenance plan, contact your CBT specialist today.