Arc Flash Analysis

27 Sep

arc flash analysis

Employees working in the industrial and manufacturing industry expose themselves to arc flash risks daily. Arc flash occurs when the electric current leaves its intended path and travels through the air from one conductor to another, or to the ground. The results are often violent, and when a human is in close proximity to the arc flash, serious injury or even death can occur.

CBT and Rockwell Automation can help you combat arc flash risks. Through on-site arc flash analysis, customized solutions will be drafted for your specific application. Training, site evaluation, and risk reduction recommendations work together to improve the safety of employees working with energized electrical panels. Whether you are trying to meet certification standards, protect workers, or reduce downtime, our experts can help you achieve your safety goals.

Assessment Outcomes

Improve Documentation

  • Up-to-date one-line drawings are developed providing an accurate model of your electrical system. A model is available in AutoCAD format.

Reduce Risk

  • Engineers create a detailed arc flash analysis report including a Protective Device Co-ordination (PDC) study and a short circuit current study.
  • We will make recommendations to reduce arc flash hazards and correct over duty equipment. We will also provide data to assist in your efforts to improve protective device coordination.

Increase Competency

  • Customizable written safety programs serve as a safety policy reference from employees working in or around live electrical cabinets.
  • Employee safety training and energized work permits are provided for employees or contractors working on live electrical circuits in your facility.

Each portion of our arc flash services is designed to meet or exceed all requirements listed in CSA Z462 and NFPA 70E regulations.

For more information on arc flash and to schedule an on-site analysis, contact your CBT specialist today.