Capacity Management via DCIM Whitepaper

7 Sep


Energy and Physical infrastructure Efficiency

Capacity planning is one of the most difficult aspects of building a data center today, given the complexity and number of variables to consider. Proactive capacity management ensures optimal availability of four critical data center resources: rack space, power, cooling, and network connectivity. All four of these must be in balance for the data center to function most efficiently in terms of operations, resources, and associated costs. Putting in place a holistic capacity plan prior to building a data center is the best practice that goes far to ensure optimal operations.

CBT partner, Panduit extends Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) capabilities into the enterprise with a portfolio of Panduit SmartZone™ Solutions. Smartzone Solutions deliver comprehensive energy and physical infrastructure efficiency in data centers, building facilities, and remote enterprise sites through intelligent software, hardware, and services.

By leveraging their pioneering 6 Zone™ infrastructure methodology for assessment, plan/design, integration, and operation, these SmartZone™ Solutions can provide a holistic view of connectivity, energy, and environmental parameters to help reach optimized data center and enterprise operations.

Why SmartZone™

  • 10-30% reduction in cooling costs
  • 25-30% energy savings and ROI of less than 12 months thru lowered PUE (power usage efficiency)
  • 75% faster moves, adds, and changes (MACs) thru guided work orders
  • 80% faster mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) of connectivity issues
  • 90% faster identification of unauthorized network access
  • Easy to deploy and includes non-invasive devices


For more information on capacity management and SmartZone technology, contact your CBT specialist today.