Data Security and the Internet of Things

27 Jun

data security

One of the biggest reasons manufacturers are hesitating to hop on board with the Internet of Things (IoT) is data security. When every device, network, application, and machine is connected many risks arise and your important data becomes vulnerable. When every device, network, and machine are connected you may face industrial sabotage, loss of intellectual property, and data breach. However, when every aspect of your application is connected, the benefits are innumerable. For this reason, the Internet of Things has been taking the manufacturing industry by storm.

In industrial organizations, the network’s data flow often is essential to the functioning of critical process, machinery, or systems on which the company depends. Thus, Cybersecurity—rather than being an option—becomes a necessity, a critical piece of every system in the organization. Companies need to take a holistic view of industrial security—addressing people, process and technology-related risks—to maintain operational integrity and protect the company’s most important operational assets.  Rockwell Automation has constructed a multi-level security system that protects everything from networks to smartphones. Their security environment was built under this defense layout:

  • Security is designed into the infrastructure and becomes a set of layers within the overall network security;
  • Attackers must first penetrate or circumvent each layer of security without detection; and
  • Any point of vulnerability or flaw in one security layer can be backstopped by different variables or capabilities provided by other layers.

The key difference in this approach is the inclusion of security down to the device level. RA has built a security environment that addresses the needs of the industrial system and links the enterprise all the way to end devices on the plant floor. Their goal is to help manufacturing companies become more responsive to changing market and operational conditions without sacrificing security.

The Internet of Things is here to stay. CBT and Rockwell Automation are here to help you get on board. The benefits drastically outweigh the risks when you implement a solid, well-built security infrastructure. Contact us to start protecting your data today.

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