Keep Your Cool This Summer

10 May

spectracool air conditioner

Warmer weather is right around the corner, and while we can’t avoid, it we can definitely help you prepare for it. CTB partner Pentair Hoffmann has a wide array of SpectraCool Air Conditioning units to meet the needs of almost any industrial application.



Hoffman offers an extended range of air conditioners. We now have compact, standard, and narrow units ranging from 1,000 BTU to an astounding 20,000 BTU. Compact Spectracool units are best suited for inside industrial applications where level 12 protection is required, while the standard units are suitable for any indoor/outdoor setting. Hoffman Easy Swap allows older AC units of all brands to be easily upgraded to the Spectracool operating system using the existing enclosure.


Spectracool air conditioners were constructed with an all metal protection shroud to resist corrosion and dust, ensuring a prolonged life of your electronics. The dust-resistant coil couples with the innovative filter less option from Hoffman and minimizes maintenance while saving time and labor costs. The built in Active Condenstate Evaporator and the state-of-the-art Power-Off Relay for a door switch prevent condensation from dripping and pooling around the AC unit.


Remote access control is a hassle-free upgrade offered on all  AC units. This feature enables all units to be accessed from a PC, iPhone, or iPad anywhere, anytime. Each unit receives a unique IP address which allows the entire system to be controlled from one device.

If you’re looking to stay cool this summer, contact us today to talk to your CBT electrical supplies specialist.