5 Questions With Paul Milkovich

25 Feb

Creating A Better World

During National Engineers Week, we’re honoring the manufacturing engineers that are making our world a better place. Because of the hard work and dedication of engineers, our world and our businesses are able to thrive. Manufacturing engineers play a critical role in creating the best solutions to manufacturing needs.

CBT Engineer Paul MilkovichPaul Milkovich

CBT is home to many engineers that help area manufacturers find solutions to the challenges they encounter every day – whether it’s a problem with a particular product or machine or a challenging system design. Paul Milkovich, functional safety engineer, machinery, TUV Rheinland (#7871/14), has been a member of the CBT team for two years and helps customers with their automation and safety needs.

  1. Tell us about what you do at CBT.
    I’m an Automation Specialist at CBT. I specialize in offering complete automation solutions to our customers. Solutions include PLCs, HMI, Motion Control, and Machine Safety architectures. In addition to architecture development, I offer post-sales support assisting customers in applying our products.
  2. What drew you to the engineering profession?
    In grade school and high school, I enjoyed and excelled in math and science. Engineering is a great profession allowing you to apply these skills to real life problems or use these skills to design products that people can use in everyday life.
  3. What do you enjoy most about being an engineer?
    Seeing and understanding how products are designed and manufactured. At CBT, we support multiple industries like consumer products, food and beverage, and manufacturing. We also support machinery builders that serve these industries. Each customer has unique needs and challenges. Every day offers a new challenge and an opportunity to apply knowledge, gain experience, and learn something new! Pretty awesome!
  4. What do you find to be the most challenging part of your job?
    Sometimes I have to diagnose equipment failures or malfunctions on a production line. Unlike school, I may not have all the information, technical documentation, etc. I learned through experience to look for patterns, which really expedites the problem solving process. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to solve a problem and help a customer get their equipment running.
  5. What do engineers, like yourself, like to do for fun?
    I like the outdoors, biking, hiking, camping with my family. I also enjoy concerts and good live bands.

As part of National Engineers Week, we are thanking manufacturing engineers like Milkovich. Their work is continually re-shaping the way the manufacturing world does business, creating a better, smarter world.