What Is A Power Moller?

20 Jan

Power Moller

In today’s progressive manufacturing and distribution environments, designing conveyor systems can be a difficult challenge. Itoh Denki’s power moller provides a safe and energy-efficient alternative to conveyors traditionally powered by large electric motors. It reduces noise levels in facilities and only operates when needed (run-on-demand), reducing your facility’s energy costs by eliminating empty conveyors that are running continuously.

An Intelligent Solution

The power moller is an internally-motorized conveyor roller that incorporates a motor, gears, and all driving components. The turning force of the motor (outer rotor) is transmitted through the shock absorber to the planetary gearing. The planetary gearing drives the inner gear which is affixed to the roller tube. The tube will rotate because the output shaft (stator) is held stationary by the conveyor frame.

The power moller spring-loaded attaching shaft enables the unit to be quickly installed or removed without disassembling the conveyor frame, making it an ideal solution for many conveying applications.

Talk to your CBT belting specialist to learn how Itoh Denki’s power moller will help you with your handling applications.