CHIP SHOTS: “The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get”

9 Oct

Chip Shots


In February 1987, Jim Stahl visited the Havard Business School to continue to learn about running a business. Take a peek at his trip in this throwback edition of Chip Shots.



Baker Hall, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA – As you can see from the dateline, this issue comes from me dorm when I’m in residence at Harvard for the next few weeks, attempting to learn about successful companies, and experiencing the “high poweredness” that seems to permeate the whole place.

I feel like the proverbial “ball lost in high weeds.” Surrounded, as I am, by quite a group of doers, it very quickly became obvious the old adage “it’s better to be lucky than good” applies to me. In defense, however, I like to think about the quotation that’s on the wall behind coach Barry Switzer’s desk at Oklahoma: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

In any event, I hope to leave here overhauled and retooled for the big job ahead at Cincinnati Belting & Transmission – which is to remain alert, tuned-in, and responsive to the interests of our customers. You create the business opportunities for us, and it’s our job to understand your needs and provide a full range of services you require.

There’s a new feature in this issue we’re confident you’ll enjoy: “SPARKS” on page 2 was written to assist in expanding your knowledge and awareness of electrical drives and motion control, and our Electrical Drives Department will provide additional articles for future issues. If you have a story for the column, we’d love to have it. Send it to me and we’ll send you a dozen golf balls.

One good reason, among several, for the column on page two is that, while many customers enjoy returning reply cards and participating in our drawings, others have asked us to run articles on new developments and problem solving – and that’s what “SPARKS” is all about.

Also in this issue is an article by Reliance Electric that offers an excellent and objective overview of the different types of AC variable speed drives. While you’ve heard about the pros and cons of various AC drive technologies from many manufacturers, this article form Reliance is an excellent summary that also sheds light on such buzz words as “PWM,” “Six Step,” “Vector,” etc.

Recently, I found an old World War I ad by Dodge Manufacturing that’s shown here edited and reduced. Yet the flavor comes through: Dodge remains a major producer of sheaves, notwithstanding the demise of lineshaft drives and flat belts. Here at Cincinnati Belting & Transmission, we’re knee-deep in hi-tech products and applications, but we also sell an awful lot of v-belt drives, sprockets and chain, open gearing, and many products that have powered the industry for decades. I never cease to be amazed at our continued growth in the sale of these products and the good job they continue to do. Because we distribute only leading lines, such as Dodge, we’re confident we can provide the best products that have long stood the test of time.