Get Safe and Current With CBT

6 Aug

With competition on the rise, the need for manufacturers to improve what and how  information is shared is at an all-time high. Better information sharing drives better decision making, exposes inefficiencies, and sparks collaboration, which positively impacts profits.

Simultaneously, manufacturers are also challenged to keep up-to-date on the latest safety standards. With more than 39,000 Top 10 OSHA violations issued in 2014 and nearly 4,600 worker fatalities reported in 2013, there is an immense need for manufactures to adhere to current safety standards in order to keep workers safe and to avoid costly fines.

To help manufactures tackle these challenges, CBT has developed two full-day seminars that will guide attendees through practical, feasible solutions to the hardships and standards they face. Learn more about our Connected Enterprise Seminar and our Safety Symposium:

Connected Enterprise Seminar

When: Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Where: Elements Event Centre  |  Sharonville, OH
Cost: $99

The Industrial Internet of Things has enabled smart devices and machinery to send data to operators, maintenance workers, production personnel, and management. To optimize production, devices and machinery need to be connected correctly and securely. This seminar will introduce you to the principals behind smart manufacturing and will uncover the tools you need to get started on your journey to the future.

Learn more about CBT’s Connected Enterprise Seminar.


Safety Symposium Header
When: Thursday, October 1, 2015
Where: Elements Event Centre  |  Sharonville, OH
Cost: $99

At CBT, the safety of our customers is our top concern. We have assembled representatives from OSHA, leading local safety professionals, and our partners in safety solutions for a one day Safety Symposium. The symposium is designed to give you an understanding of the safety requirements for your industry, and solutions to help you implement the required changes to provide a safe and productive work place.

Learn more about CBT’s Safety Symposium.


More information about our Connected Enterprise Seminar and Safety Symposium will be released via the Solutions Warehouse over the next several weeks. Space is limited in both seminars, so don’t forget to register now!

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